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Fitting upper rear wishbones

75+1 = 76

This was quite a pleasant job, the wishbones fitted pretty easily  into the mounts on the chassis – with a little pushing. Then went about copper slipping the bolts (which were sent by WF as a missing bit) and tapping these through the relevant bushes.


The other day I had to reshape the bushes to get the bolt through, either the bush was crap when it went in, or it got mishaped when it was pressed into the wishbone.

At this stage I just fitted the bolts through and stored the washers on the bolts with the nuts very loosely attached.

I did consider fitting the diff mounting bracket as this would allow securing the upper wishbones bracket fully. however looking several times over the manual I think getting the diff in place would be best first.

It’s not crystal clear (see at all) where washers etc go for the upper wishbones.





Fitting headlamp brackets and playing rear upper wishbones

67 + 1= 68hrs

Fitting the front headlamp brackets, confirmed from WF that I was using the right spacer to add to these, I’ll confirm the exact size if taht helps someone!

Pop riveted the mounts too to ensure they were 100% secure

also tied fitting the rear upper wishbones with my new 4 and 4.5 inch bolts – which WF kindly sent after a few chases

So going for a 4 inch bolt for the upper rear wishbone – 4.5 inch looks a tad too long

The problem of today is that one of the bushes now pressed into the wishbone has what looks like a square hole, rather than round!

After trying to hammer through a bolt to try and re shape the hole i didnt get too far. pictures included.


I may try and shape this a little with the dremmel, not making the hole too big though, a bit of work may help.

Removing powder coating from wishbones and playing with pedals

63 + 4  = 67hrs

Two weekends worth of worth here….

Last weekend I spend a couple of hours removing as much as i could of the powdercoating from the wishbones to get them prepped for pressign the bushes.

I started this with a high grit sanding wheel on a dremel, this did a reasonable job,  but wasnt quick work – maybe 10 minutes a bushing hole.

I then tried to work by hand with varying degrees of sandpaper/wet and dry.

Then i tried to fabricate something with a mains drill and sandpaper on a drill bit plus padding.

In the end i resorted back to the dremel – I didnt end up removing every dot of black powercoating – but did remove 95% from each bushing housing, I was conscious i didnt want to take too much material off and bugger the fit of the bushing – read an interesting thread on WSCC around different bush types, i guess nylon would be good, but im going to stick to metalistic for the time being – lets not run before we walk.

I did look at pushing the bushes into the housings using a reasonable size bench vice but they either went in not straight or they didnt budge.

Tips i;ve subsequently learnt are using washing up liquid to lubrricate the movement, and freezing the bushes to try and make them that bit smaller – not sure how much of a falacy that is in reality – can;t see steel shrinking that much at a few degrees – but what do i know!

After nearly screwing up a couple of housings I have opted to get someone with a press to do it, called Tower Garage Marlow and they were really helpful and are going to do it for me – hopefully a good job, we’ll see.

Todays  weekend found me sitting in the car and finding with shoes i was struggling to get to the brake pedal easily with the steering column mount being a tad in the way, in the absense of being able to move this (welded to the frame) I spent some time looking at the pedals – I’ve subsequently moved them (in) towards the master cylinders by a couple of threads on the rods, did this by chopping about 5mm of the rod and re threading (and using yet another split pin 🙂

End result is the brake and cluth pedal don’t line up 100% now, they are about 5mm out of line -who will notice this please!?

However as a result both pedals are now a little better positioned – for me that is….