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Hello world!

Well, after what must be 5 years of consideration, dreaming and research at last I have taken the step.

Since being at Uni I have wanted to build a kit car, I’ve always absolutely loved cars and preferred cars a little different.

My first step was building something, mainly to keep me amused, so I set on with putting a car dolly together, especially useful given the single garage!

With this very nearly finished the next part required was some Westfield.

After a visit to the factory a couple of years ago, and a track day in the Westfield I was hooked.

Last Saturday I visited the Exeter Kit Car show, knowing Westfield would be there, after watching one of their cars pirouette around some cones I felt it could be the day… After a few questions, a calls to interested parties (Thanks Mum and Laura!)it felt like the right thing to do at last…

After a chat with Simon I had the order placed for the MX5 SDV starter kit. That and powder coated parts, exterior panels and detachable arches.

The thinking is to go for a 1.8 mx5 donor set from mx5 heaven, some building needs to be done first!

That’s all for now, I’ll bolt the dolly together fully and upload some pics.

Email today from WF letting me know i can pickup the kit ~16th Dec :)
Can’t wait