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Off topic… very

Thought I would share my families self catering accommodation in South Devon if anyone was interested

Give it a bit of a plug to those following and who find this!

Also lovely camping holidays

Over half way through build?


just to highlight I,ve crossed the 60hrs mark. Appreciate this includeds putting the dolly together etc, but I’m not sure I’m half way there yet…

1/5th maybe? We’ll see.

New car appears…

Nedless to say I’ve had my eye out for a mx5 that is suitable dfor a while – scaling autotrader and ebay etc, also putting notes on cars.

The other week one appeared in Peterborough, where my Uncle and his family live. After more reserach the car was about 500M from my uncle. So after a call to my Uncle Peter and cousin Adam they took a look at the car.

It’s a 1997, 1.8 mazda, 3 owners (2 ladies – not sure what that actually means…) 60k miles, fsh.

And it is now mine 🙂 after the family gave it the once over. I went and collected it on Thurday and it was great to drive home, amazed how tight the gearbox felt, makes my 90k miles ’02 beemer feel very sloppy.

Since it’s been a sunny few days, and the car has 12months MOTim going to drive it a bit before it’s donored, at which point i get to enjoy it, and get to find any niggles.

Also worth noting Laura is thoroughly enjoying driving the MX5, breaking it may be a hard sell – especially when the sun is out!

Do I get brake pipe clips and fuel lines?

Emailed Westfield the other day – typicaly 3 or so day turnaround from the answer 🙂

Whether I should expect the brake pipe clips in the starter kit, that and the fuel lines.

The answer was “No” for both, they are in the completion kit.

Which is a pain, if like me, you are working chronologically through the manual. Hey ho.

I do get the impression the intention/force(?) is that the starter kit and completion kit are purchased at the same time of very shortly after. It would be ideal (from my perspective) if I could do all the starter kit bits, then do the donor kit bits, then get the completion kit. WF seem to think otherwise 😦 Which is odd as I can’t see the benefit of giving only half of the brake components.

I hope/suspect WF will let me get the clipe and fuel pipes as a separate bit.

That said I was in Smiths today flicking through a kit car mag and a Merlin motorsport calalog fell out. I did note in there they sell the exact same brake pipe clips (and a couple of other components that look very familiar to the WF build). They have to get their bits from somewhere i suppose, there are only a finite amount of companies that will make car components.

Fingers crossed other floor panel drilled tomorrow.