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10+235hrs = 245

This bit was fun, makes a nice visible difference and a nice opportunity to mess around with more silicone hose.

Again ASH hoses to the rescue with 90degree hoses with reduction in dia in them, allowing a 90deg from throttle body to air flow sensor, to air filter. A nice K&N jobby direct from them – interestingly they make million varieties.

All hooked up nicely looks good.

The only fun and games bits were the spurs required for the cambox cover vent pipe, and the throttle body IAC value feed. both provided by a self sealing spur from merlin motorsport – clever little things.

If I were being super pedantic I would perhaps rethink the position of the spur for the IAC attachment, as the fitting is quite close and the 90deg bend is pretty tight.

Also a bracket was needed as the air filter is a little wobbly on its own. I’ve made an ali bracket that goes from the bolts holding on the blanking plate on the front of the engine (where thermo was) to the conveniently threaded female holes on the air flow sensor.


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