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Fitting final RH pipes

60hrs + 3 hrs = 63hrs

Final shaping and fitting of the second fuel pipe on the RH side of the chassis (LH when upside down…).

I was trying my best to get everything as parallel and neat as possible, hence it taking 3 hours plus to get this second fuel pipe in

The other key requirement for me was to get the pipes not to be the lowest point on the chassis – i wanted this to be the lowerd floors or the trans hoop – looks like i have done this…

after much awkward drilling, measureing etc they are now fitted.

I did post to WSCC around whether it;s  a good idea to put any foam wrap type stuff on the pipes where they are near the chassis, i know they are rigid and shouldnt bend, but ive seen some builds where wrap has been used.

That’s all for now, I need to order the final fuel pipe, the first attempt getting kinked 😦

Should be a comparitevly easy fit though, 3 pipes down one side, 1 down the other, sigh 🙂

Fuel pipe work

56hrs + 4 = 60hrs

Afternoon, no, I haven’t died, a long time passed and no updates – but yes, I am fine.

With a selection of stag dos, Isle of White festival, weeknends away/busy etc the WF has been put a little on the back burner.

A few updates though, along with severl pics which will help docyument my progress.

First slight complication here was I didnt have the right size P-clips for the 8mm diameter fuel pipes, the ones WF sent were a selection, but not quite what I wanted.

I sourced some on the Internet (nylon p clips being good search material) – they were 5/16th inch – which is about 7.9mm, which does the job nicely.

The fun with the fuel pipes is that they are far more difficult to bend than the brake pipes, especially the intracate bits.

First step for me was to form the “shepherds crook” type bend that is at teh front end of the pipe, i did this with my new pipe bender, when it got to about 90degrees it soon kinked – DAMN!

So after much swearing this pipe has become a test pipe for bending – annoying.

TIP: little i’ve subsequently found is taht putting something inside the pipe lessens the chances of kinking – in my case this was a bike brake cable sheath – the bendy plastic bit, excellent purchase from wiggle for a couple of £.

I’ve since bent the first pipe that goes down the RH side the car (that is the LH side whenupside down…). There is no doubt this is a pain, it’s not the most maleable thing, but a lot of patience has given a good finish.

I’m going for the option of putting the two fuel lines down the side of teh lowered floor, ideally not protrudign making them the lowest point, it will be tight but should work after multiple measurements.

The riveting was pretty easy, I did purchase a flexible drill bit for some tight bits – I’m not 100% sold on this gadget yet, seems a bit dangerous to me as it has a tendancy to wind itself up. also the chuck seems a bit crap and doesnt hold the bits very well – anyway, only need it for a couple of awkward holes.

So now I have one pipe formed and riveted, the other 90% formed, and one ruined 🙂

Not a load more time and i can have the second pipe fitted – this is another of those jobs where i spent 90% of the time thinking, and 10% doing. Not to say that I’ve one a perfect job by any means, but there are definitely many ways of doing this.