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How long?

Actually that’s worth pointing out. 560hours to IVA, not 120 or whatever it is you say Westfield 🙂

To be fair that included a lot of MX5 breaking, head scratching and learning. still 560hours…

Work up to IVA

20hrs + 540 = 560hrs

A bit of a push here before the date of the IVA, the 16th November 2016 (most don’t need to specify the year in my build, I do)

All manner of little jobs went on in this window of time, lots of “little” and “final” things, many of them taking a while and being pretty key.

One you’ll see a lot in pictures is the means of attaching the bonnet to the tub, in my instance Aerocatches, I liked these as soon as I saw them.

What I eventually ended up doing was getting the inside fitting versions as in reality these are the only sort that will fit if you want to mount them low on the bonnet, this wasn’t clear to me until I went to fit the outside mount ones – doh. Im sure il use the outside mount ones somewhere else on the car in another lifetime.

This job did take an age as everyone said, but to be honest was no more or less fiddly than, for example the fillet and wipers. I’m pleased with the finish of the catches though, and they feel pretty solid.

While I was getting the final bits together and the 16th Nov drew closer my expectations changed a little. I initially booked the IVA a while ago with the expectation of getting as short a fail list as possible to make a pass easier. As my outstanding job list got that bit shorter I thought there was a little chance I could get near a pass. Hence you will see the connector for the lambda sensor. After the previous emissions fail I’d changed a few things, but not the lambda sensor, I didn’t plan to do so either, but as the list of jobs was getting smaller I did so.

In the final week before the IVA I went page by page through the manual, even bought a radius gauge – still not really sure how it works… rubber trim went on most things though. What I did find were a few nuances though. Like the rear fog light needs an indicator light for when it’s on – clearly I didn’t have one. My options were to ignore that section (!?), add/reuse one of my warning lights, or, as I did, rejig the wiring on the rocker switch so that it did not light up with the side lights as everything else did, but it lights up when the fog light is on – after a bit of head scratching this was easy enough.

Pics of the main fun below…

16th November info to follow…



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