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Forgot to mention… engine start!

One final thing I forgot to share, the engine starts!

A few vids here, including checking the oil pressure with the coil disconnected


Everything from May 2015 to Oct 2015!

43+357 = 400!

Yes, both hit my 400th hour (an accurate approximation) and here goes an update covering many  months of build…

I will let the pictures speak all 26 of them, but a few areas of note:

Since I’ve had fluid in the rad I’ve had little puddles of water and drips on the rad fins – odd given it’s a car that’s done zero miles. After more drying, testing etc I bit the bullet that it was leaking on one of the cores – a call to WF to learn it was an out of warranty part (a reflection on build time I guess!?) – so a new rad 😦 refitted and lo and behold there are no more leaks – I can only imagine one time it had not enough antifreeze and expanded over a winter – hard to guess -either way, dry garage.

The rear end – built up over time, rear clusters first – as you can see I’ve chosen the traditional “trailer lights”. Appreciate they are a bit of a personal choice – but I  quite like them. They’re up and running. The only error here was wiring the Side and Brake light the wrong way around – it transpires brake should be brighter than Stop – makes sense, but still managed to get the wrong way, a quick fix -thanks WSCC!

Fog and Reverse light are courtesy of playschool and some black moulded plastic housing – they are probably  bigger than I thought but I quite like the look.

For what it’s worth the number plate light is a beast – a black sprayed aluminium LED unit. It was £26 when alternatives were far less, but it really caught my eye – don’t tell laura…

And the number plate – P138 LOA, that’s the donor car – for illustrative purposes only… after a few thoughts from WSCC I won’t give the plate a bracket etc – mount direct to tub.

Since I’ve trial fitted the bodywork I;ve done a bit of reading on fitting the nose cone, the default is bolts into the rivnuts in chassis – it was just a bit cumbersome IMO. I’ve since added Dzus slide latches to the two top nose cone mounts – another idea I’d steal from the forum!

Another little change is a bracket to allow the steering column around a bit – this should allow access to the ignition from just under the padded dash. Little mod, and easy when the drill penetrated the bracket I’ve used – hopefully will do the job.

Also an extra hole in the bodywork – a bit one for the exhaust manifold – there is no easy way (I’ve found) for getting this in the right place as you’re essentially measuring in 3 dimensions – ended up with a little cardboard template and a deep breathe. Optomistically I measured the square made by the 4 exhaust manifold branches(?) this was around 100mm x 100mm – so that’s the hole I drilled and opened. Then trying to manipulate the manifold into this it was clear that was never going to work – not with the engine in and the bodywork fixed(oh yes, I fixed the bodywork). Essentially I opened up the manifold up – mainly in the horizontal plane. The result is that it goes in and out, just. The result is also that when the manifold is in there is a little space either side, this just seems to be the way (unless you take the engine out, don’t fix the bodywork, or fit a surround).

What you may recognise in some of the pics is a padded dash. This may look familiar to those that follow other blogs, it’s KugaWesties previous padded dash. The plan is to switch to a flatter carbon dash post IVA, but with my option of VDO gauges they need recessing to meet radiusing.

Final work in the recent months is wiring. What can I say, it takes an age. A piece of the build I was really fearing but tobe honest I’ve rather enjoyed it- it’s made electronics knowledge from design tech A level worth it. So far I have removed 95% of the wires leaving the car. A few elusive ones, I’ve included a pic of the air conditioning connector, that was a mystery for a while (thanks WSCC – kugawestie again!). The dials are now on order and I guess the fun will begin adding headlights (going for all in ones(Venoms)) and wiring the dash.

That’s all for now!

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