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Tunnel top panels and starting main loom

25hrs + 302hrs = 327 hours

The easy and quite satisfying part here was the aluminium transmission tunnel panels, they needed a little fettling – but nothing much, and with rivnuts inserted some nice flush hex heads hold down the panels – some foam to stop any rattling, and the grommets in the big holes to neaten things up a bit and stop any chaffing :S

The beastly bit in the last couple of months has been starting with the main loom, hard to really be able to say much of value here. It’s taken an age, I’ve not a lot to show for it, and I’ve a long way to go with the wiring!

It’s gone from a box (or two) and is now somewhere laid out in the chassis. I have at least fitted the ECU, it’s plate etc, another nice rewarding little job.

Oh and made a blanking plate for the EGR system on the inlet manifold.

I’m now at the stage where I think everything that needs to be plugged in is. A few queries, answered in other posts and I don’t doubt there will be a load more head scratching.

Not long and fuel, water and electric can be added and it can be turned over 🙂 Need a garage door fitting first (on order)! and have the bodywork for collection early Jan.

While I can’t fire it up, nor fit any bodywork I will be doing the bits of main loom I’m confident with and I won’t live to regret when/if the thing doesn’t start!

More to follow… and happy Christmas all – especially those on WSCC who just keep helping


blanking plate car front on car top down loom in a box loom laid main loom tunnel top panels tunnel top panels2

Mystery wires solved

With thanks to the folks at WSCC (see post  )

So it turns out the female terminal near the coil pack is for the water temperature gauge (as opposed to the ECU feed now at the front of the engine).

And the male terminal sits just to the LH side of the coil pack cunningly hidden. A bit of multimeter action proved that this with continuity between the female and a terminal on the instrument cluster (I don’t recall which, 2J or 2L maybe!?)


The other wire… That comes from the gearbox electrics, so either a neutral or reverse switch. In this instance its a neutral switch.

Again multimeter and  continuity proved this. What has transpired is that it’s not required, it seems to earth in the gearbox – also the feed from the neutral switch gets OR’d with a feed from the clutch switch – so either youre in neutral OR the clutch is depressed to send this signal to the ECU, and the clutch switch is already earthed. Either way some testing with the multimeter shows I don’t seem to need the earth wire – nor did the mx5 I suspect.

A proper post to follow…!

Mystery wires…

Not really a post this one, but a placeholder for the immense knowledge of WSCC!

If anyone can advise on what these wires are…

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