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Rear wiring loom, moving house and turning the car sideways

30+272 = 302hours (blimey, over 300 hours now…)

Yes, I know, it’s been a LONG time since the last post, 5 months! Quite a hectic set of months though with some holiday, a house move, little ones first birthday to mention a few things. However a nudge from the forums has reminded me I have a blog to update too – you know who you are 🙂

Also a bit of another landmark of being over 300 hours – now well over double the time WF quote, maybe I read that in the, er, manual…

Main progress since the last update has been in wiring, in my case the rear loom, servicing the rear light clusters, fuel pump, sender, handbrake switch etc etc

I don’t profess to me much of an electrician but from A level electronics I have some idea – but it’s just shown me how rusty I am! Its also taken me a while to get my hear around a few principals that are isolated to auto electrics – like the car is a big negative earth terminal, no one ever spells that out.

And sill things like how do you choose the right wire size to add? As ever guidance on WSCC forum answered this, and it’s obvious, but a size bigger than the fuse in that circuit, again, makes sense, but not something ive ever seen spelt out – I guess clever people would rate the load on the circuit!

ps. learning ohms law was good all those years ago, turns out it applies here.

before I get onto the rear loom…

also moved house in this time frame – this is only of note because… old house had a standard size single garage. new house has a double length single width garage – great!


there is no garage door… the kind previous owners swapped this out for a 3ft wide pvc door 🙂

thanks to an excellent removal company, several burly men, my sister, piano moving wheels, ratchet straps etc the car was turned on it’s side, rested on it’s wheels and manhandled/wheeled through the narrow doors! when it’s road worthy I will have a nice garage door fitted – insert quip on when this may be.

rear loom… the manual is pretty good here, the first job is stripping off all the miles of insulation tape, excess crap etc. Unplugging from the main loom at the two connectors.

I then went on to label everything, which has since proven sensible.

add a handbrake switch cable, then work on the rear lights, starting to cut and route the cables.

lots of jiggery later and all the old, unnecessary cables removed. a couple of pics of the loom new and old wires – already quite a lot to go…

rear loom then trial fitted into place several times, with tape and convoluted piping in place

for the light clusters I’ve used some econoseal connectors, these seem pretty good – the ratchet crimper for these seems a must to get a decent connection.

for other crimping I’ve invested in a draper expert crimping tool and a lot of their connectors of various sorts – hopefully this should to 9/10 of what I  need.

I think that’s if, just need to get my earths fitted into the rear diff gusset (looking to use Grahams technique of getting a decent earth (rivet, wet and dry, washer, rubber etc))

fit the loom with some cable tie connectors


pics below…


oh, and forgot… added the fuel tank earth and vent pipe

car on trailer car outside car under wraps connectors between front and back loom econoseal connectors excess wire from rear loom fuel tank earth fuel vent pipe loom power loom rear loom finished rear wiring loom