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Engine stripping and a bit of painting

20hrs + 165hrs = 185hrs

Call off the search, I’ve not got lost again and I’ve not lost all internet access. A few things have happened though, I am now married, and my wife is now pregnant 🙂 hence the radio silence. all in all, wonderful news. 17 weeks and counting.

current plan… keep the car, but we’ll see. also a new daily driver in the form of a ’58 320d touring, nice car, not an inspirational engine.

Below are a lot of pics, bit by bit engine removal, painting etc

not quite at the stage of putting bits back on, but getting there

a few bit of note… managed to snap one bolt holding on the outlet pipe so the water pump – annoying, especially as attempts to remove the snapped were in vain, makes my replacement water pump decision easy…

another bit of note is the new sump, looks good doesn’t it! I will share the details of where I had it done when I dig them out, tony someone near reading. so not only is the sump shortened but capacity is increased through an extension to the length of the lowest part, new baffles, new sump plug – not tested for being oil proof at pressure, but all in all looking great.

getting the sump back on was a complete pain in the ass, not helped by me performing the task with the engine the right way up, most sensible people do this block faced up – I don’t have a engine mount to do this sadly.

the complication here was the sealant went off pretty fast, but was vicious enough it goes onto the seals and the block and sump. the final bugger up was the lone sump bolt that didn’t want to thread into the block. after a bit of advice from the wscc folks I’ve nut and bolted the remaining sump mount, thankfully was able to torque up the nut an bolt to the block – time will tell if the whole thing holds oil – I have no reason to think not, but still means fingers crossed.