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Final bit of caliper work and brake fitting

15hrs (mb) + 150 = 165hrs

another load of work on the calipers here. starting with the rears, again these were pretty corroded but seemed perfectly servicable. They seemed to work nicely on the donor car and the pistons that came out looked to be in reasonable condition.

The rear calipers are needless to say a little more complex than the fronts, with the handbrake mechanism – but after taking them to bits the mysteries were solved – they’re not that complicated.

Along with the Rons mx5 build book there is this excellent link that helped a lot

with all the bits out and cleaned, re greased and new seals the kit went back together

next onto painting them, what I found with the front calipers and was very useful is taht the pads have to slide in the carriers – not just scrape or get wedged, slide.

with the corrosion on the carriers I needed to do quite a bit of filing on the carriers to get the pads to sit nicely – also far easier to fit the pads and retaining clips when this is fitted to the hub!

another note was the front calipers needed a bit of a scrape of the paint off on the contact point with the brake pad due to the 5 coats of paint – with this I decided to only paint the visible bits of the rear calipers – still looks like though 🙂

another 5 coats of paint!

Excellent help from laura by the way when rebuilding the rear calipers, refitting the circlips that hold in the adjuster is a git, my pliars for these were too fat so we spent about an hour getting these in – excellent job laura!

with these in place it was then to get fluid into the system, I used an ezebleed system which has done a wonderful job of 9 tenths of this, with some manual bleeding to get a bit more air out – again laura donig an epic job.

what I did find was the rears weren’t biting, hadn’t adjusted the adjuster into the pad – doh

now have a reasonably solid pedal – may need redoing over time – but so far happy with that.