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Caliper work…

8 hrs (MB) + 142hrs = 150 hours

Hard to call this as MB (Mazda breaking) however it’s time Id not have spent if the parts were new.

For some reason, one I don’t recall I’ve taken it upon myself to service each caliper, the front ones are pretty straight forward, the rear a little more complicated, with the handbrake mechanisms.

So… I sourced the seals from MX5 parts and the mazda dealer – with hindsight I probably should have sourced new/refurbed calipers, the caliper bores and the pistons are in reasonable condition, nothing a little clean wouldn;t fix.

So, front caliper cleaned up, wire brushed down, bores cleaned with some brake fluid and gunk – came up pretty well, far, far better than when I took them off the car, and tehy worked pretty well then. To be clear I am servicing them for a reasonalble reasonable reason, when the brake were on the MX5 they were binding a tad, likely not all 4, but at this point, and with my marathon not spring attitude to this I thought I’d have a go – plus I like learning how things work 🙂

So front calipers were brushed up, new seals fitted – and this was very easy thanks for some info on the net – no rocket science, lube seal, fit, put seal on piston, push it to the edge of the piston, seat it in the caliper – not what the Ron manual says, but felt a better way of doing it (thanks Internet).

Next comes the slightly arduous task of painting the caliper, hammerite red, I know this wasn’t going to be a one coat job, however after 4 coats it looks liek another 2 or 3 could be needed for complete coverage!! Not sure if this is due to changes in paint ingredients, that’s what reviews etc seem to referr to – either way, the paint it quite watery and takes a load of coats.

a couple of pics after coat 2 and 4. honestly, they probably look better in the pics than in the reality – I know they’re never going to look perfect – I think I have to be mindful of that.

Next job is doing the rear seals and putting the bits and bobs back in.

A slight pain is that I thought it’d be fun to bolt a few bits on and see how a wheel looked on – it looked good, a nice visual bit of motivation – mindful there was no caliper so couldnt’ just drive down the road – amongst other reasons…

I digress… the brake disc seemed to not be running what visually appeared a tad uneven in the caliper mount (no caliper remember) – so after much head scratching managed to set up the dial gauge – it was showing about 0.8mm movement – which if I believe the Ron book is a hell of a lot – urgh, especially as this is the side with the new whel bearing…?

So, am I seeing things, is the (new, Minex) disk warped? is the hub off? Something isn’t quite right, everythign seemed done up pretty tight too.

In two minds about that though, need to look at it again, maybe with everythign torqued up it will be better – here’s hoping…

I did dial gague the hub only, and there was about 0.3mm variation in that, but mindful that it was a tad corroded and probably did need a rub down.

I would investigate but the calipers and mounts are hanging on string just above that corner of the car – and I keep banging my head on them, which results in me standing still, seeing stars then carring on, annoyed.

some pics below

Special call out to laura who helped remove one of the caliper bolt rubbers – great job!