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Removing Calipers, wiring loom and engine moving

15hrs (MB) + 127hrs = 142hrs

Several actions here, and not much of a blog update, so here we go…

I removed the first caliper off the car a few weeks back – and this was a case of just undoing the caliper from the mounts and banjo.

What I did read but didnt really take on was how hard gtting the piston out the caliper – this one did seemed a tad on the seized side. I tried pushing, pulling, not really expecting much joy there, as expected, didnt work.

I then tried to get some compressed air in the caliper, I did this with a foot pump first off, but getting into the caliper was the tough bit, getting a seal. I then tried to make up some form of gadget in a bike inner tube to seal into the caliper and get the air in – 60psi later the piston still didnt move…

Back with the car in Devon I took the caliper back, other options like putting grease into the caliper are meant to be reasonable, but using the master cylinder still on the car was the preferred option.

After a bit of rejigging where the brake lines went in and out of hte maser cylinder and splitter gadget I had all the brake fluid going to one line – so one by one I connected each caliper to this and pumped the pedal – low and behold, out came the pistons – amazing what force goes through the brake system…

Other jobs included taking the front hubs off, a bit of a pain as ever when the odd bolt didnt budge, came to sawing off and lots of work with pliers. Either way, the hubs came off.

Then had to clean these up and paint them – hammerite to the rescue again…

Wiring loom out too – this was a bigger job too. I Amazing how they get this stuff in there, there is so much of it!

I kind of expected the loom to break up into sections with connectors, but it didnt, most of it is in the one loom, can’t wait for stripping that down, labling that etc etc – much pain!

Engine moving, that was the next thing. Needed taking from Devon to up here in Marlow. Given my sister was coming down for the weekend she very kindly drove the engine down… in a horse box, which was ideal, pleanty of space and hooked up to her L200.

So now the garage here gets even more crampt, really struggling for space now, need to get hubs painted and ready and on to get them out the way. then need to get brakes sorted, engine prepped and in the chassis – curently space is really at a premium.

Mazda kindly fitted my new wheel bearing for one of the rear hubs – only took 4 weeks!

(first) Steering column mod

1hr + 126hrs =127hrs

not very exciting post this one, only that I chopped the lower mount for the upper steerign column, was a bit of a pain as I do despise using angle grinders, especially in my little garage – so this was done with a saw and file… slowly