Diff prep

5 (MB) + 113 = 118hrs

Now the diff is back it’s back up with the Westfield – I’ve seen a few people paint their diffs, some not. I liked the look of it being painted, so have done. Conscious that the diff will get hot, but hopefully not so hot that a coat of paint is going to cause issue, feeling the diff on my bmw daily driver the other day instilled me with some confidence.

So after a wire brush, drill sanding and some prep the diff was painted, Initially I wasnt sure, the hammerite certainly doesnt stick to the aluminuim bits the same as the corroded steel – but after a second coat looks pretty good, I suppose let’s not forget, noone is ever going to see the diff…

I’ve also been doing a bit of work on the diff mount, I noted when I first inspected the mount the welded on washer extension bit, the holes didnt line up perfectly, and indeed an M12 bolt doesnt fit through, I assumed a little dremeling and filing would sort this, and it did, but required a fair bit of refiling to ensure the mount lined up with the metalistic bushes in the chassis.

Fits pretty well now though, so should be okay when it’s attached to the diff and offered up.

Another thing…. The diff bracket needed a tiny bit of filing to not clash with the bit of metal holding the rear 3 way brake pipe union – only a tiny bit of trimming, chassis variationĀ I guess.

Also worth pointing out the bit fo the diff you don’t need, near the mount.

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