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Prepping and painting some parts

5hrs (MB) + 107  = 112hrs

Spent some time prepping and painting some of the bits I’ve got off the mx5

namely both caliper mounts, a rear hub and both driveshafts.

I started off with one caliper to see how it went, using Hammerite Satin Black, which can make any idiot with a paintbrush look quite reasonable! I am typically terrible at painting, this stuff is quite forgiving!

afer sanding down things with a wire brush and various different types of flappy wheel and wire wheel attachments I was fairly happy it was cleaned up.

What I did find was that the more I sanded there was more and more dust and crap coming off the metalwork – I guess my ideal of getting down to bare metal was a bit optomistic! It was find it seemed getting down to a good surface.


What I have found is that a couple of coats of hammerite were the way forward, one coat wasn’t quite giving good coverage.


here’s the latest.


More Mazda breaking

15 (MB) + 92 = 107hrs

A couple of weeks ago i set aside a long weekend to do some work on the mx5 – the intention was to get the engine out, but upon reflection there may have been a better order to do this.


engine + gearbox, dif, propshaft driveshafts are all of course very well linked so come out in a bit of an order.

I spent the first hour removing the remaining ancillaries to get the engine ready to lift out, this was only radiator some pipework, some clutch slave cylinder work, and finally some rather annoying wiring on top of the gearbox. this was a pain because they were secured with folded over clips, but you can;t see them and can just about feel them! pointing the camera up there helped quite a lot to get an idea what they looked like!

I then set on with getting the propshaft of, WD40ing the bolts diff side, and it should simply slide out 🙂 yes…

two of the prophshaft bolts were removable, the other two were not going to budge, after near rounding them and struggling to get a good grip with anything i decided maybe bringing the propshaft out and attached to the diff might be more painless.

Next I started to think diff, removing this should be fairly straight forwrd, hopefully! so getting the driveshafts off wsa the frist job.

Had a go with the PPF too, the bolts that hold this in place are very long, undid relatively easily. the issue was the PPF seems to recess into the top of the diff at that end, so doesnt simply slot off as the books indicate – thankfully this is the first instance of the book being incorrect ive found, noted it’s an older car i guess.

Also worth mentioning what the PPF actually is – powerplant frame sounds quite glamorous, referrred to a lot in the book, not once is it called out as a bit of corrigated metal that links the diff and the gearbox – that’s all it is. I’m sure it does a great job and helps drivability, but it is only a long chunk of metal that holds stuff straight.


to do that they had to be withdrawn from the hub. The book is to be believed the hub nut would be really tough, and mega tight, and everything else should just come of – as ever, this didnt happen.

The hub nut turned out to be fairly striaght forward, after sourcing a 29mm socket (nice one motormart newton abbot), then i enlisted my mother to sit in the car and press the brake pedal, with handbrake on. turned out mother was still awaiting the signal to press the brake pedal when I’d then undone the hub nuts, still, nice to have her have a sit in the car!

But yes, the hub nut came of with no complication with a decent size breaker bar – maybe 1m? no need for massive extension bars as I’d seem some have to use on the Internet. My immense strength? Hmm

Then moved to the drive side hub, caliper off, nice and straight forward. the bolts were protected behind plastic caps so were nice nice condition.

caliper off and out the way, noting how it all came off, losing some antirattle clips 😦

now, driveshaft removal…

with use of a rubber hammer the DS wasnt moving from the hub, tried some pry bars but nothing, a tab or two with a proper hammer and it started to move, excellent, with a bit more wiggling this then moved out the hub. then moving to the diff end after a lot of rotation and a lot of prying it came off the diff – 1.8 means it’s slotted, not bolted on.

excellent progress, driveshaft off, only too a little while.

to the other side… long story shot I spend several hours trying to get the driveshaft out the hub on the passenger side. smal hammers, big hammers, WD40, pry bars whereever they fitted, some heat from a paint stripper (it’s no blow torch!).


several hours later and no progress I resigned to removing he drivsshaft and hub together, for separation later.

Then moved onto diff removal, this should have been easy but I must fess up that i was rushing a bit at this stage, and of the 6 bolts (two big, 4 small) all came off bar the small ones on one side as i didnt allow the wd40 enough time. So they will have to be drilled out, annoying!

not a million miles from dif lowering though. the complication with this is that attached is the propshaft, attached is the PPF. so several things have to come off in one swoop.

the driveshaft is a bit of a pain, getting it off the car I’ve \tried bigger hammers still (mindful I don’t want to break it). also let it sit in wd40 to try and get it moving, also tried a gear puller, still no movemetn. crazy stuff.

I’ve now sent it over to my excellent BMW garage “Berkshire motor works” – really hoping that Steve from there can do something…

So that’s where we are, annoyingly lots of bits half off, hoping to get more separated when they get back here.

got a few bits off the car, caliper mounts etc, tried to get at these with a wire brush, but bouhgt a wire wheel for the drill to try and put more of a dent, then some wet and dry perhaps… a nice tin of hammerite to use too.