Monthly Archives: January 2012

Prepping and removing tape from dash wiring loom

90 + 2 = 92

removing all the existing black tape from this bit of loom, and sorting and labling what I knew what it was 🙂

ensured bits didnt fall all over the place with some token green and yellow tape.

As an aside – I was trying to establish what I did and didnt need under the mazdas bonnet, there seemed a lot of peripherals.

After some reasearch it seems the Carbon canister isnt needed, lots of mx5 enthusiasts remove it.

removes the carbon canister, a few pipes and a vacuum host from the throttle body. need to keep the solenoid to save from an ECU error it seems – not a limp home error, but an error none the less – in two minds about keepingthe solenoid.

More breaking of donor over Chrismas

10 (MB) + 80 = 90hrs

While having a lovely time at home in Devon I found about 10 hours to do more breaking – quite how these people break an mx5 in 2 days i don’t know – kudos to you!

Taking me ages, equally I’m really enjoying learning. Great, great fun breaking the car, only the wiring loom to take back to Marlow home, but that will give me something to keep me amused.

lots of scraped knuckes and fun, after removing the roof and lots of interior trim it was onto the exhaust – to be honest that came off with relatively little protest. The only thing that was really well on was the 8 or so large bolts keeping the bracing under the car in. fiddly manifold downpipe bolts were okay, after some wd40 and goot extension bar selection.

Actually thinking about it the heated oxygen sensor in the exhaust downpipe was a git, especially due to its size, pretty large, ended up using an adjustable spanner and hitting that with a bit of wood and a hammer to shock it out.

photos speak a thousand words and all…