Monthly Archives: November 2011

More mazda breaking, back end mainly…

76 + 4 (MB) = 80hrs

More breaking of the Mazda last weekend – with it being in Devon and me being in Marlow most of the time I only get to work on the Mazda now and again. and when I am in Devon the main lovely thing to do is spend time with family.

I did get to spend about 4 hrs over two days messing around with the car – and it was nice to see that it started first time and didnt turn over slow or long – lovely.

I gave it a little drive around the farm, not far but up and around the drive way – note not on public roads!

I was fearing removing the 8 bolts that hold on the rear bumper, they were wll corroded and showed now signs of moving lsat time. After about half and hour, and having some oil on them a few weeks back they came off okay – removing the bumper was then easy

next came number plate 😦 another poignant step!

number plate panel, the plastic bit

then came off the rear light clusters, with putting some tags on the wiring looms to them

then came to start on the roof removal, got 90% of this done but came to a halt when I hit the star pointed bits, didnt have any with me 😦 turns out hex allen keys might have done the job, hey ho – a little job for next time

removing the seats was interesting, they were bolted in uber tight, especially given the short ratchet and the awkward angle – satisfying to remove them though…

next comes light removeal, roof final removal and maybe some interior stuff – ideally i want to keep the car moving under its own steam,a nd starting it and stopping it etc as long as poss