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Fitting upper rear wishbones

75+1 = 76

This was quite a pleasant job, the wishbones fitted pretty easily  into the mounts on the chassis Рwith a little pushing. Then went about copper slipping the bolts (which were sent by WF as a missing bit) and tapping these through the relevant bushes.


The other day I had to reshape the bushes to get the bolt through, either the bush was crap when it went in, or it got mishaped when it was pressed into the wishbone.

At this stage I just fitted the bolts through and stored the washers on the bolts with the nuts very loosely attached.

I did consider fitting the diff mounting bracket as this would allow securing the upper wishbones bracket fully. however looking several times over the manual I think getting the diff in place would be best first.

It’s not crystal clear (see at all) where washers etc go for the upper wishbones.





More Mazda breaking

72 + 3(MB) = 75hrs



3 more hours of mazda breaking last weekend.

Took to the front bumper again, the final bolts were so well corroded they have gone from 10mm nuts to round balls of rust, good old 14year old car…

Eventually, after some drilling and snapping I could get the stuck 4 bolts, off and the bumper lifted away nice and easily.

next came taking the front fender/wings off, this was a series of bolts which were under the bonnet, these were lovely to remove, as if they went in the same day. There were of course two bolts on the underside of the fender and these were more corroded, a couple came off, a couple snapped, no great matter as I just wanted the panel off!

Also did some work to start on the rear bumper, most of the bolts were off but it took a little more time and time ran out.

that was it for the weekend, also started the car up to move it, turned over a little but ran fine still – as it should!?

A couple of things coming to mind around what next, need to depressurise the fuel system before considering removing the engine – i.e running the car and removing the fuel pump fuse, does the job i guess.

Also need to drain both the diff, gearbox and engine of oil when they are nice and warm, so I guess it will get another few miles up and down the farm drive yet – which will be odd with no bodywork…

picture as it becomes less like a car… bless it

to be honest, although the bodywork was good, and it was a good example I was really suprised upon inspection to see how many panels are corroded, so far nothing (apart from the bonnet) is uncorroded.