Starting breaking the Mazda!

Deliberating whether to add this time or not… But is part of the build, so I will.. (MB) = Mazda Breaking

68h + 4(MB)  = 72hrs

I was looking forward to this bit as it marked another big stage in the build – not really worried about all the people telling me I shouldnt break the poor little car! Admittedly I have loved every second of driving it for the past few months – I don’t know why everyone doesnt have one!

So yes, at this weekend I cracked on with the break, not sure 100% where to start I cracked on with the bodywork, if nothign else it would get in the way.

Taking off the bonnet was easy, four bolts

Taking off the rear boot lid was equally as easy, a couple of bolts

then removed the two doors, this was pretty easy, well oiled bolts remoted okay, I did find that wireing harness into the door from the body didnt have a handy join/clip which would have made life easier, hey ho. Just the speaker to disconnect – the benfits of having a basic MX5!

It then started on the front bumper, there were a number of bolts here, wheels off, liners out etc etc, most looks okay, there are two bolts either side, the ones that are seen when looking forward inside the wheel arches – these were very well corroded, allegedly 10mm bolts, but it’s hard to see they are bolts at all!

So after much oiling I will get back to these, horrible feeling it could be a angle grinder job – unless Jed (the farms resident helper/engineer/mechanic/gardener etc etc, general master of building stuff!) has any bright ideas

Next breaking session will be in two weeks – I’d love to get all bodywork off, not sure if ill get that far, we’ll see…

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