Fitting final RH pipes

60hrs + 3 hrs = 63hrs

Final shaping and fitting of the second fuel pipe on the RH side of the chassis (LH when upside down…).

I was trying my best to get everything as parallel and neat as possible, hence it taking 3 hours plus to get this second fuel pipe in

The other key requirement for me was to get the pipes not to be the lowest point on the chassis – i wanted this to be the lowerd floors or the trans hoop – looks like i have done this…

after much awkward drilling, measureing etc they are now fitted.

I did post to WSCC around whether it;s  a good idea to put any foam wrap type stuff on the pipes where they are near the chassis, i know they are rigid and shouldnt bend, but ive seen some builds where wrap has been used.

That’s all for now, I need to order the final fuel pipe, the first attempt getting kinked 😦

Should be a comparitevly easy fit though, 3 pipes down one side, 1 down the other, sigh 🙂

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