Final brake pipe

54hrs + 2 hrs = 56hrs

Final brake pipe fitting time (long 2m pipe front front T to back T), I looked around for the many ways to do this, the manual routes the pipe diagonally accross the front floor panel, however it looks possible to route along the edge.

Taking tips from my usual selection of blogs of similar builds i saw this solution here..

Running the brake pipe along the edge, and the fuel pipes along the side of the lowered floor – at least i’d have a go!

This wen’t quite well really, a fair bit of trial bits of copper brake pipe to test the bends required, and being a 2m pipe it’s quite difficult to handle, that said routing as i have it seems to have fitted asi hoped.

I did find i had a selection of P clips from WF who kindly sent them over, i found the right size eventually, just ended up having enough after bending a couple of rivets.

Hopefully the fuel pipes will route around and about the newly fitted brake pipe!

Another couple of notes, none of the builds show or mention pedal stop bolts for the MX5 SDV build, however it made sense to fit one, and the chassis has a nut to screw one into. speaking to Mark from WF he says they should be fitted, and adjusted according to what seems to be required. no guide lengths given 😦

Another note is I am getting to “source a mazda” part – I always planned to use MX5 heaven for this and their donor kit offer. however the more I speak to them the less confidence then instill me with. Also they didnt sound like they could get me one any time within the next few months!

So I have my eyes open for a donor, may look to strip one back in Devon where I have space.

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