starting brakes

46hrs + 2hrs = 48hrs

I wast – and arent really looking forward to this  bit, maybe as there is an element of skill required 🙂

I started of as per the manual by fitting the brake pressure switch to the 3 way with the 10mm copper washer – as ever not always simple. This threaded fine for a few threads then became very tight, hopefully this is expected. The only reason i question this is that i subseqently read on WSCC that there ar edifferent threads for these components – I can only hope i have the right ones!

I;ve mailed WF to ask about this – no reply thus far, they don;t seem so good with email.

I also cleaned up the studs that hold the front and rear 3 ways, finally a use for my tap (or is it a die?). nice clean thread anyway, no powdercoating.

Stuck a nut and washer on there, a nice and easy bit…

Now is/was the time for pipes, this seems requires a little thought. WF talk about routing pipes under the floor pan, however owners question this and if it’s a risk. that said all WF factory build cars apparently do it this way. The alternativebeing down the trans tunnel, this seems likely ideally the best route, albeig very fiddly looking. I suspect I may have another route – down the side of the lowered floor.

I did a trial fit of the front pipes, using some donated copper pipe.

Tonight i did get the front LH pipe in place – very clever pipe clips too, just knock in with a rubber mallet.

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