fitting final panels + pedals

43 + 43=46hrs

Fitting the final panels, the RH exterior panel, the two floor panels (Laura loves turning the chassis over 🙂 )

Not a lot to say here, these went on fine. the silkaflex stuff seems really good, very sticky, but nice sealant, goes of quick too, which is good, but means tubes must be used the same day really – expensive at £10 a tube, it ought be good!

fitted the final bits of the pedals, ordered the new clevis pins of the Internet in the end after finding nowhere sells clevis pins locally! I was after something very specific though…

Fitted though,three pedals and two master cylinders, as I’ve found the clutch master cylinder will have to come off when it comes to fitting the brake pipes to the neighbouring brake master cylinder – that’ll be fun!

Note i have fitted the LH inner tunnel panel, I suspect this may not be the right thing to do long term, but i wanted to get it all done, and didnt see the pipes going down the tunnel – we will see.

Since Id finished all the panels I went about tidying the chassis up – this meant going around sealanting the holes left in the chassis/panels. generally finding bits of light poking through the panels.

Also I found the odd rivet hadnt broken off 100% perfectly, only 5 or so, and usually those in difficult places. So i went about dremelling the little sharp tips smoothe – 🙂 Again – this is not a build of speed!

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