Preventative rust treatment

34+ 2 = 36hrs

After a chat with Mark from WF I was advised that the transmission hoop could do with treating, but the otehr bits are likely nothing, just where water has sat. In this case it was likely condensation in the garage.

After much investigation POR15 kept coming up as the best thing to put on any bits that needed treatment. Likely it is very much overkill given the chassis is new, but as nothing was attached it seemed made to not do it.

So after finding Holden were about the only people in the UK to stock the stuff i ordered a “starter kit” of it. It arrived and is excellent stuff. Quite particual about how it should be used, and the instruction are quite, er, Americanised!? Lots of slightly OTT comments in them.

That said you do need to use it in a well ventilated area, i was in my garage with the door open the whole time, but a couple of hours with the stuff has given me a sore throat and made me look like I have a penchant for heroin. Namely a really white face and very panda eyes. Obvious strong stuff, so do heed the warnings!

Anyway,I applied the Marine Clean, Metal Ready, then two coats of POR15. Followed by 4 thin coats of satin black Hamerite.

Initially I suspected I’d apply the treatment sparingly on tiny areas, but when I applied it i ensured the areas of interest got a good coverage.

A couple of pics of the work, this is after one coat of hammerite, you get the gist.

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