Attaching panels 1

36hrs + 3.5 = 39.5

At last, with chassis drilled and panels tweeked, and chassis treated for any scratches and the tiny marks it was panel fitting time.

I knew this was going to be hard work and time consuming. No great suprise, it was.

As my paint was a tad tacky from the touchups I couldnt really do the inner tunnel panels. That said, as advised from other blogs I am going to leave of the RH external panel, and the LH inner tunnel panel.

So with this in mind I set ahead with the tunnel end panels, both RH and LH, end and side.

This let me get to gribs with the sealant, lots of recommendataions for Silkaflex, and indeed it is excellent, it was a little guess work to get flow rate etc, it’s obviouslky quite thick stuff as decanting it with a silocone gun was quite tough, certainly never found a silicone that is this hard work to get out teh tube!

So I got on with siliconing the tube, the key seems to be more than less, too much can be wiped off.

Now, the riveting, this was tough 🙂 It all seemed to depend on the angle i was at as to how difficult it was.

I do see why people have air riviters! That or i need to rope in a larger pal.

Today in about 3 hours I got the RH and LH tunnel ends and sides. The scuttle top panel. and the LH exterior panel.

Odd that the time/difficulty didnt necessarily be down to the size of the panel,more down to how accessable the rivets are. It does certainly look a lot better with something attached to it though!

A tad depressing how long it took to attach only these coulple, I realy thought I’d get more done in that time. That said I “only” have RH exterior panel (being leftoff until pedals are done), both inner tunel panels (LR being left off – I think, not sure yet, may jsut workround the transmission oil thing). Seat back. Floor panels. I didnt wan to have to turn the chassis upside down again, but after the fun of rivetting today I suspect it may be far better to do so.

Next job is to mail WF to confirm a couple of pedal bits, they don’t quite match those mentionedin the manual (are you suprised? I’m not 🙂 )

Then I would be looking to get hold of the fuel pipes, brake pipe clips, fuel pipe clips and a means of attaching the wiring loom (no mention or suggestion of how this is done in the manual).

I can’t help but think the above 4 bits ought be in the

starer kit – but they arent, they are in the completion kit.

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