Why no progress? And pedal organisation

1 hr + 33hrs = 34hrs
Why no progress? Well, not been away or anyhing particuarly glamorous. A bit of a set back in that I had noticed brown dots appearing over the chassis, also noted a few rusty brown specs here and there. This, needless to say was/is a bit of cause for concern. Especially as I was about to fit the carefully drilled panels.

I’ve pinged out to the WSCC forum, and found several people had had issues with the WF powdercoating – being, er, not brilliant. My concern was that I’d be fitting panels, and ultimatyely building a car around a corroding chassis.

So I have found that the dots wipe off, but still not 100% sure there isnt a bigger problem

I’ve since called Mark from WFs Technical people and he mentioned this can happen if the chassis gets damp outside and water sits on it. Although i konw my garage doesnt leak,I do know it gets cold in there and can condensate. Mark suggested i spray the whole chassis with wd40 and wipe it down to give a little covering at this stage. I’ve done this and it does look a bit better.

Mark has some photos of the chassis for him to take a look over, hopefully he will instill me with confidence.

I have bought a POR 15 starer kit as is strongly advised when doing touch ups on the paint work. So I plan to use this on parts like the bottom of the transmission hoop, where it has found a 3cm x 1cm scratch, tad annoyed by this.

Also in the excitement I have looked over the pedal setup. this bit looks pretty straight forward, but I cant really start this until the tunnel end panel is on to drill the accelerator cable hole through, and i cant start panelling until i get Mark from WFs green light all looks okay.

What was a little disappointing/unsuprising 🙂 was that the required bits for pedals arent really there. Like the stud for the clutch pedal, it’s 70mm, not what is says in the manual. not the end of the world at all, and looking at other blogs it looks like it pretrudes from the mount about the same amount, so I guessit is the right size.

However the bolts (or are they screwsets!?) arent the length specified in the manual, however there are only two that are a plausible size. Again, not the end of the word,  just means it may get interesting when it comes to making educate decisions around what is right going forward. All part of the fun I suppose 🙂 That said, it does make me think, how hard would it be to make the manual be 100% accurate, or to have as part of the kit 100% the “right parts”. I know it’s not going to be “big lego”, but equally I do feel they could make everyones life easier! </end rant> 🙂

a few pics of some areas of question. and of me looking at pedal parts.

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  • Dave  On March 7, 2011 at 9:22 am

    Hi, If a new powder coated chassis is showing signs of corrosion already I would ask for it to be replaced. From my experience of coated steel pipelines I would say the bare chassis has not been prepared properly to recieve the powder coating and/or it has not been applied correctly and you are just seeing the tip of the corrosion iceberg!


    • andyismilesaway  On March 7, 2011 at 5:09 pm

      Yea, I’m not 100% confident the chassis is perfect in terms of powdercoating. Agree, if I am in doubt I would be looking at a new one, don’t want it stripping down in some places and not others.

      I’ve sent some detailed pictures to the technical chap at Westfield.

      How did you end up on this blog Dave? I didnt realise I had so many followers! (2 :))

      • Dave  On March 7, 2011 at 5:31 pm

        I have been following a few MX5 based blogs listed on Westfield World. I have a 1991 1600cc MX5 which I would dearly love to make into a Westfield. If you accept that chassis as is, I think you will be seeing lumps of coating being pushed off by the corrosion underneath in a year or twos time. When you coat steel all the corrosion is concentrated on any tiny area which is not coated. Water and road salt will accelerate this.



  • Andy  On March 8, 2011 at 3:02 pm

    Yea, still waiting for WF to come back to me on this…

    Shall update accordingly

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