Drilling RH floor panel

1.5 + 30 =31.5hrs

First job the other day was to rope my pal Amit in to flip the chassis – nice and easy, and not that heavy. Back of the chassis didnt quite fit on the wooden dolly, but not a problem.

Drilled and lined up etc the LH floor panel. First thing to note was the floor panels are different, not something imediately evident. The driver side is a tad wider, as is the gap it fits in of course – only a couple of cms though.

I suspected this would be easy, flat panel on a flat gap – like the scuttle top.

Sadly not, not dire, but just not lineup and drill.

When i did eventually get a decent lineup I figured it was a good call to do some fettling of the panel, specifically around the transmissions tunel hoop, the weld on this encroached onto my panel space, hence i rounded a little gap in the panel to get a flat fit.

Also had to add a couple of indents into the panel where the weld is on the prewelded floor panels, not a problem but something i figured out be done to get a nice flat fit.

Finally i needed to put a slight angle in the front of the panel to get a perpendicular/parralel lineup to the chassis rails and front LH tunnel panel.

Not a painful panel, but one that required a few tiny adjustments to get a nice flat fit.

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