Do I get brake pipe clips and fuel lines?

Emailed Westfield the other day – typicaly 3 or so day turnaround from the answer 🙂

Whether I should expect the brake pipe clips in the starter kit, that and the fuel lines.

The answer was “No” for both, they are in the completion kit.

Which is a pain, if like me, you are working chronologically through the manual. Hey ho.

I do get the impression the intention/force(?) is that the starter kit and completion kit are purchased at the same time of very shortly after. It would be ideal (from my perspective) if I could do all the starter kit bits, then do the donor kit bits, then get the completion kit. WF seem to think otherwise 😦 Which is odd as I can’t see the benefit of giving only half of the brake components.

I hope/suspect WF will let me get the clipe and fuel pipes as a separate bit.

That said I was in Smiths today flicking through a kit car mag and a Merlin motorsport calalog fell out. I did note in there they sell the exact same brake pipe clips (and a couple of other components that look very familiar to the WF build). They have to get their bits from somewhere i suppose, there are only a finite amount of companies that will make car components.

Fingers crossed other floor panel drilled tomorrow.

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