Drilling for LH exterior panel

26 +2 = 28

Well this was a git. i knew it was going to be one of the more difficult panels but hey.

Not only is it the longest, it also requires bending around a third of the way down.

On paper it shouldnt be that hard, the panel is straight, the chassis appears to form a straight, flat line.

However, what a bugger it is trying to get a good fit at the seatback end, then level on the horizontal chassis bars. then then sitting okay at the lower seat floors.

Then the painful part was securing and leveling the part that bends at an angle at the front.

anyway, after a fair bit of fitting (see faffing) I got the panel lined up as i wanted.

After a lot of drilling it’s ready for silicon and riveting.

Glad it’s done, annoyed there is one to be done on the other side!

Keeping an eye on Marks blog (http://markswesty.weebly.com/) – he started a similar time to me, but is miles ahead and doing a fab job!

Great to see what the next steps will look like though.

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  • Mark Boswell  On February 1, 2011 at 10:52 pm

    Hi Andy. If you haven’t already done it you might want to consider leaving the right side panel for later. It really helps to give access to the pedals, same goes for the left side of the tunnel as access to the gearbox oil filler is a nightmare once the panel is on and the gearbox in, your bound to lose some oil from the gearbox as it leaks when the propshaft is removed, infact draining the oil completely is the best option. It is worth drilling all the holes though as access to the tunnel panel gets restricted when the diff goes in. These were tips I got from other builders sites. One site http://westiebuild.blogspot.com/2008/01/id-been-looking-at-westfield-mx5-sdv.html has become my second manual. Take a look as he has found loads of solutions and has great pictures.
    Keep it up, Mark

    • andyismilesaway  On February 2, 2011 at 8:25 pm

      Excellent tips mark, gratefully received!

      No panels are fitted yet, just holes drilled, so i will leave off the RH external side panel and the LH tunnel panel until a little later for ease of access.

      I have spotted that blog before, that said i haven’t read it through enough really – I will have a look!

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