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Drilling Lh floor panel

31.5 + 1.5 = 33hrs

this one was easier – well not easier, but like lots of things in life, was easier the second time.

Drilled and filed the odd shape in the panel to get a nice flat and panel.

Something I did note was that the transmission hoop has clearly been rubbed over the chassis life, the powder coat has rubbed off and I have some surface rust 😦

Quite disappointed about that, especialy as I know I hadnt done the damage myself 😦 nothing that can’t be fixed I suppose, and I needed to touch a few bits up anyway.

Do I get brake pipe clips and fuel lines?

Emailed Westfield the other day – typicaly 3 or so day turnaround from the answer 🙂

Whether I should expect the brake pipe clips in the starter kit, that and the fuel lines.

The answer was “No” for both, they are in the completion kit.

Which is a pain, if like me, you are working chronologically through the manual. Hey ho.

I do get the impression the intention/force(?) is that the starter kit and completion kit are purchased at the same time of very shortly after. It would be ideal (from my perspective) if I could do all the starter kit bits, then do the donor kit bits, then get the completion kit. WF seem to think otherwise 😦 Which is odd as I can’t see the benefit of giving only half of the brake components.

I hope/suspect WF will let me get the clipe and fuel pipes as a separate bit.

That said I was in Smiths today flicking through a kit car mag and a Merlin motorsport calalog fell out. I did note in there they sell the exact same brake pipe clips (and a couple of other components that look very familiar to the WF build). They have to get their bits from somewhere i suppose, there are only a finite amount of companies that will make car components.

Fingers crossed other floor panel drilled tomorrow.

Drilling RH floor panel

1.5 + 30 =31.5hrs

First job the other day was to rope my pal Amit in to flip the chassis – nice and easy, and not that heavy. Back of the chassis didnt quite fit on the wooden dolly, but not a problem.

Drilled and lined up etc the LH floor panel. First thing to note was the floor panels are different, not something imediately evident. The driver side is a tad wider, as is the gap it fits in of course – only a couple of cms though.

I suspected this would be easy, flat panel on a flat gap – like the scuttle top.

Sadly not, not dire, but just not lineup and drill.

When i did eventually get a decent lineup I figured it was a good call to do some fettling of the panel, specifically around the transmissions tunel hoop, the weld on this encroached onto my panel space, hence i rounded a little gap in the panel to get a flat fit.

Also had to add a couple of indents into the panel where the weld is on the prewelded floor panels, not a problem but something i figured out be done to get a nice flat fit.

Finally i needed to put a slight angle in the front of the panel to get a perpendicular/parralel lineup to the chassis rails and front LH tunnel panel.

Not a painful panel, but one that required a few tiny adjustments to get a nice flat fit.

Drilling RH external panel

28.5hrs + 1.5 = 30hrs

Same as the other side really, didnt line up as I’d like!

Something isn’t straight, haven’t quite figured what it is, could be the chassis is at a everso slight an angle, enough to make the panel not parrallel or perpendicular in all places – oh well. As good a fit as I can get.

Easier then the other side i suppose, but this could just be as it was the second one?

Only the front floor panels and paneling to be done! As noted by Mark, looks like I’ll leave off the LH exterior panel and RH tunel panel.

Rope in Laura for turning the chassis upside down tomorrow – little does she know…

Starting to line up the RH exterior panel

28+ 0.5 = 28.5hrs

I’ve not ground to a halt! Just been away and been busy.

Started to line up the panel, it’s a pain but will get there eventually!

Hopefuly shall get it drilled on the weekend – won’t be riveting it yet though, as Mark mentioned it hamperes pedal fitting access.

Not long and I will be tapping up Laura for her first “help session” – flipping the chassis to fit the front floor panels. £1 per help apparently.

Drilling for LH exterior panel

26 +2 = 28

Well this was a git. i knew it was going to be one of the more difficult panels but hey.

Not only is it the longest, it also requires bending around a third of the way down.

On paper it shouldnt be that hard, the panel is straight, the chassis appears to form a straight, flat line.

However, what a bugger it is trying to get a good fit at the seatback end, then level on the horizontal chassis bars. then then sitting okay at the lower seat floors.

Then the painful part was securing and leveling the part that bends at an angle at the front.

anyway, after a fair bit of fitting (see faffing) I got the panel lined up as i wanted.

After a lot of drilling it’s ready for silicon and riveting.

Glad it’s done, annoyed there is one to be done on the other side!

Keeping an eye on Marks blog ( – he started a similar time to me, but is miles ahead and doing a fab job!

Great to see what the next steps will look like though.