Fitting scuttle panel

+1.5hrs = 26hrs

Now this was quite a plesant one. The manual tells you what to do, line it up with the chassis rail, the holes lined up, the panel didnt need any trimming – easy 🙂

I suspect there was the option to use something more removable than a rivet (rivnut?), but i went with rivets, it seems all but a few use this.

lined up, clamped, drilled, rivets sat in for testing. deburred and wiped down. Hopefully not too easy! hopefully i wont find it should have been removable.

I guess the only other vaguely noteworthy thing is my scuttle has an extra big hole in it. the manual shows one ~10cm dia hole, mine had two. Still pretty obvious which way around it fits.

Exterior panels are next – they look like complete gits, very long, need to line up in a couple of places, lots of clamping and frustration on the cards i suspect!

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