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Fitting scuttle panel

+1.5hrs = 26hrs

Now this was quite a plesant one. The manual tells you what to do, line it up with the chassis rail, the holes lined up, the panel didnt need any trimming – easy 🙂

I suspect there was the option to use something more removable than a rivet (rivnut?), but i went with rivets, it seems all but a few use this.

lined up, clamped, drilled, rivets sat in for testing. deburred and wiped down. Hopefully not too easy! hopefully i wont find it should have been removable.

I guess the only other vaguely noteworthy thing is my scuttle has an extra big hole in it. the manual shows one ~10cm dia hole, mine had two. Still pretty obvious which way around it fits.

Exterior panels are next – they look like complete gits, very long, need to line up in a couple of places, lots of clamping and frustration on the cards i suspect!

Fitting tunnel end panels

+2hrs = 24.5hrs (Moved time tracking to post body, good pointer Sunil)

Fitted the tunnel end panels today – pretty straight forward actually.

A few bits of note, it appears the side end panels are not sided, they are infact perfectly symetrical – there is no foot rest on the RH panel, it’s just flat.

All four panels (RH and LH, end and side) were all a good fit actually,which was a nice suprise. Only a tiny bit of trimming on the two side panels, and I rounded the dge on two of the panels, made a slightly better fit.

So 90% of the holes were easy to drill, the exception to this was the 4 that drilled “up” into the chassis on the pedal (RH) side. These were a bit of a git, however doable.

lined the four panels up again now all independently drilled, the fit is pretty go

od, things look good and parallel.

Drilling and prepping back pannel + 3hrs = 22.5hrs

A big pannel this, one I suspected would be tricky. Especialy with the whole bending to fit facade.

So, first problem was the initial trial fit – I bent the pannel a little, and it needed a fair bend to get between the widest part of the car.

I did find myself scraping against some of the rails when wrestling with it – after this point I masked the rails around the relevant places – learn from my mistakes!

My next suprise was that it didnt “slot in”

5 seconds later i realised I had an extra chassis rail. Basically the rail that runs mid height on the chassis, along it’s length, continues all the way to the back. The piccies will make this clearer.

Not the end of the world – but it meant some pretty accurate marking up and cutting a square with my excellent tin snips (well done Draper Expert, very sharp and accurate). That said I did cut the squares a little deep, perhaps 5 mm too deep? I won’t lose sleep over it, but it is the first (of innevitibly many) slight **** ups. easily rectified with a little mod.

The only other complication of note was drilling the holes in the awkward positions, this required some carefuly drill holding, my holes didnt come out 100% round, but as good as I could get. Splitting hairs really, they will rivet up perfectly.

drilling fettling and getting RH tunnel panel ready +2 hrs = 19.5hrs

This side was a tad easier, however another game of trying to lineup the rivets with rail rather than air.

with this done the holes for the seatbelt bushes just needed openning up a little

deburred with an 8mm drill bit lightly pressed, crap removed, pannel generally ready

I did trial fit the seat back panel, this was never going to be easy – all the bending etc etc – it does scratch a little against the outermost chassis rails, so some masking is probably the key here

what has hampererd the fit here was that i seem to have an extra chassis rail to others…

it looks like i am going to have to cur out a chassis rail shape from the RH and LH  middle of the back panel, from looking at several blogs of MX5 builds only some very recent chassis have this extra near vertical rail. odd.

not the end of teh world, but did mean the backplate didnt “slot” in like i hoped. not something i wanted to rush anyway

so far i have not actualy attached anyof the panels, i am going for one big session of rivetting and sealing the panels – this should allow best access – i hope. from the manual that looks the way it “ought” be done.

looks like i am indeed missing a clutch master cylinder, emailed WF to see if they can send me one!

piccy of thd drilled RH chassis tunnel and the openned up seatbelt bush hole

Marking up and drilling LH pannel +2.5 hours = 17.5 hours

As ever, things arent as easy as expected!

Knowing it wasnt exactly going to be “big lego” but had a fair bit of fiddling to get the LH panel right.

As i half expected the holes for the bushes needed a little openning up to line up – the bigger headache was getting the predrilled holes to line up with the chassis struts.  Required some minute adjustment to get the lineing up at the back, then at the front too.

clamped down the panels with gclamps and some little grippy things, did the job though.

drilled through, now need to clean up the holes, and get some more panels drilled and lined up too.

identifying parts +2 = 15

Spent some time indoors figuring out what some of the bits are in the boxes – not as easy as it sounds with the vague descriptions.

also spent some time looking at the bigger parts outside – at least have a bit of a grip on what is what now. Mysery bits identified as well now – one is a “crap stopper” that stops bits getting in the arches, others are a seatbelt reel cover and a rectangle of metal to go on the tunnel.

hopefully have a grip on what some of the parts are now!