Colour choice…

I’m opting not to take the bodywork when i collect the first part of the kit next month… parly to avoid any deformation, mainly because i have very little space to play with.

It would also assume i had made the decision around what colour the bodywork and wings should be…

My instant thought is Orange – it’s a fairly unique car so a crazy colour should work. Also my first car was an orange VW ’73 beetle. I really enjoyed the orange beetle, so id quite like to relive the “standout” car.

Laura and Idid go through some car colour configurers online – she wasnt keen on orange initially favoring something like electric blue.  Although very nice i think orange will win out… we will see.

A long way to go before i get to that stage!

Took my new axel stands out the box earlier – adjustable ratchet sorts from halfords, did amuse me that they could take 1000kg each. So one single stand (of the four i now have) could take substancially more weight than the finished article!

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