few more tools/resources

1.8 mx5 stripdown book appeared today, i had the 1.6 one (doh) so hopefully between them some light will be shed. hard to say how difficult these things are from lots of words and small piccies… we will see

tin snips arrived, that should be 95% of the tools required – hmm, perhaps optomistic

dolly now looks like a dolly, is like a capital I and wheels around, rather happy with it infact. just need to add a little height at the two ends, nothing some more strong wood wont fix

have day off work of 16th booked 🙂 just need to book this van now… it’s all coming together

EDIT i dont know why i keep mentioing the 16th – I’m picking it up on the Friday 17th, keep confusing myself now!

17th, 17th, 17th…

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